The art of “being”

In all my free time lately (haha) I try and make an effort to remember what’s important about life.  Not even necessarily my life, but life in the general sense of the word. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the now, next week, next year, next… next… next… That we forget that there will come a moment that for this lifetime there will be no more “next’s”.  There will only be that very clear moment and then hopefully a new sort of birth somewhere that involves new adventures.  Now, however I’m in this lifetime and trying to be present in every way I know how.

Sometimes being present is very hard.  Being present can definitely mean living in some nasty emotions.  I was recently upset and thinking “will this matter in 5 years?” – an old trick I used to use in order to put things into perspective.  Then I realized that I really needed to be honest with myself and say “does this really matter right now?”.  That is a harder statement to roll around in my mind.  If it won’t matter in 5 years, should it really matter enough to alter my current mood now?  If not, then why am I focusing my hard earned extra time and energy on it?  Good question, grasshopper.

One of my favorite things about blogging is the time to think these things through from my mind to my fingers.  It gives me the opportunity to live in the moment of whatever I’m thinking.  If I take the time to blog about being grateful, I end up feeling grateful.  It’s all about what you give your energy and time to.  You do in fact make time for what is important in your life.  That, is another hard truth to swallow. 

If you spend all your time saying that you are just too busy to get together with {insert someone you aren’t making time for here} — then you are really just saying that everything else is more important than hanging out with them.  This isn’t a mean thing, it is truly life.  As friends have grown up, been blessed with family, careers, new geographic locations, time is truly something that just isn’t available anymore.  It makes neither you nor your friend a bad person, more just busy people whose priorities have shifted into other directions… good friends have the ability to wait out the time it takes for the priorities to point that direction again and they aren’t bitter or jaded, just so happy to have the ability to grasp at that rare opportunity.

I often think about how I should be focused on “being” more grateful, honest, hard working, healthier, etc.  I don’t know if it is necessarily about being those things, or more about taking the time to think about those things.  If I train my mind to be more grateful, honest and hardworking… the “being” just happens.

Chicken?  Egg? 

Feeling a little more grateful already :)


One thought on “The art of “being”

  1. Like you were reading my mind! Or dug out what my mind swear it knew, just couldn’t remember or find that book of notes! :-)

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