Captains Log – Star Date 712,540,123

I am in this awkward time warp where I work for what appears to be 1 day, and then the next time I pull my head out of the quicksand of work that has me ensnared, it has been 2 weeks.  I’ve heard that time flies when you are having fun, not so much that it flies when the only thing between yourself and constant panic attacks is pretty little white pills, wine, chocolate and… my body weight in fruit during the day to combat all the wine/chocolate gremlins that sneak into my daily diet.

Currently I’m working… okay well I’m blogging about working, but then I’ll resume working and it will almost be like I never left.  I’m also listening to the movie bridesmaids.  I’d be watching it, but I have the attention span of a flea with ADD when I’m looking at a movie, so if I work with my back to it… far better rate of success.  Not only does this movie make me laugh out loud, it makes me hungry for cupcakes and it makes me feel pretty well-adjusted for my age.

Wedding planning has been at a stand still for a while.  The odd thing about working a gazillion hours is that there isn’t much time to do other things like fawn over magazines or talk to vendors.  You just keep hoping and praying that everything will eventually work out and that you will somehow get some sort of raise or win the lottery.  I had a photographer and ended up cancelling the contract, which cost me the deposit.  That was disappointing.  I have been in talks with a caterer and am waiting to see how much my wedding menu of awesomeness will cost us. 

I have all these awesome thoughts about all the ways my girlfriends and I can get together and celebrate our lives and make new memories… however I can’t seem to plan around all of our schedules.  Okay, so I can’t figure out my own schedule… so perhaps it seems like it is just far too much work to coordinate other people’s schedules as well.  I think my ideal date night (with the ladies or my man) includes wine (duh), cheese, honey, bread, chocolate… yup… that’s about it.  Not too much to ask, but to me it sounds perfect.

Jason and I have both been so terribly busy.  I don’t remember the last time both of us had the weekend off.  Even getting one of us to have the weekend off is something to be celebrated!  It would be wonderful if we could find a weekend away to sit and talk about fun wedding stuff!  Even though Jason might not be totally interested in every detail of the wedding, I know that he enjoys sitting around and plotting things with me.



One thought on “Captains Log – Star Date 712,540,123

  1. If you find a weekend off Colorado is spectacular this time of year… Hint hint. I think our Jason’s would hit it off : ~)

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