This one goes out…

to Colorado :)

It seems like just yesterday that I got engaged, and yet my hair is getting longer and my teeth are getting straighter… so my friends… time is indeed flying by.

Let me regail you with a particularly hilarious story from a week or so ago.  After watching a particularly interesting round of BMX starring the fast and furious v. ciano… I curled up in bed with a very impressive migraine.  As I lay there, waiting for the sweet release of death, one spry young man comes galloping into our bedroom and jumps up onto the bed.  This would be less terrifying had I not been lying there in not much more than what god gave me beneath the sheets.  I instantly just smile and start curling the sheets into my fists and tucking them under my butt.

Jason comes to the rescue and drags him off kicking and screaming.  This now becomes a game (quite obviously).  The next half hour was one incident after another of rampant giggles and me making myself into a sheet burrito chanting to myself, “oh god, oh god, oh god… don’t touch me, don’t touch me, don’t touch me…. how am I going to explain this… i didn’t make you, you can’t see my parts?”  However outside I was just giggling like a possessed person and my eyeballs popping out of my head.

Thankfully he finally grew tired of the game and I was able to fort knox myself into the bedroom.

So, even though life has been crazy busy… it’s moments like that which reminds me things could be worse.  My soon-to-be step-son could be hating me and locking me out of rooms… instead of trying to break into them.  I’m flattered (and slightly terrified)… mostly flattered.

Through it all, I am so blessed to have friends and family that love me even though they only seem to see me quarterly recently.  I am also blessed for a fiance who loves me regardless of my crazy, constant worries about maintaining my waist line to fit into my dress that should be here any week now… despite my loves for chocolate and wine (totally counter-productive to waist-watching… f.y.i) and someone that makes a mean steamed cauliflower.

I’ll try and be less of a strange…r.


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