Just a dose of happy…

I know that we (I) get caught up in the struggles and obstacles in our lives… but we need to remember:

1. we are alive!! — high five!

2. we live in a country/society/world of choices… so choose.

3. we have all our digits and can walk and talk and dance.  so much we take for granted when people can’t do those things.

4. we are so loved by so many.  there are people in our lives who think we are the best thing since sliced bread… we should honor that, feel it and appreciate it.  because well… sliced bread is A-WE-SOME.

5. we have free will, spirit, hobby lobby and wal mart.  we can be creative… whether we want to or not.

6. this one i must just take for my own… i just love the people in my life.  all of them.  family, friends, coworkers.  i know that we have all been put where we are for some reason… and i feel blessed every single day for the people in my life.  sometimes i wonder why people are there… much like why do spiders, box elder bugs and centipeeds exist… however there must be a plan (dear lord, please let there be a plan)… so it should be okay.. right?


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