The big 1…1

The small human in our house turned 11 today.  We had a big celebration last weekend, and another one scheduled for this weekend… so today was a mild-mannered day in comparison.  We have had him full time lately and it’s been pretty good, all things considered.  I was thinking the other day as he and I were butting heads a bit that it was amazing that it took that long for us to be a little tired of each other.  I have the tendency to nit pick about things (something I am making a concerted effort to be conscious of)… and he has a tendency to give me plenty of nit-picking-ammunition.

I realized that I was being over sensitive over the weekend when I watched my nieces throw popcorn all over the floor and it didn’t bother me a bit, and then I watched Jason’s small human leave his string cheese wrapper and my eye started to twitch.  It caused me to definitely take a step back and re-evaluate how I was reacting to things and try to prioritize and pick my battles a little better.

The same with the big human I am engaged to.  I definitely can tell I have been more on edge lately and we haven’t quite had the time to just decompress like we used to.  When we do have time to hang out together… we are playing candy crush, watching tv or sleeping.  Quite romantic, I know!  Sometimes we even put the dishes away together… sometimes we even wear clothes!  Just kidding… kinda… making sure you’re paying attention!

As both boys have asked me tonight… do you know what day tomorrow is?




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