Tidbits/Tricks for “The” Day

During my recent site visit of our wedding venue, I was given some good feedback on some pre-planning to make sure that the day goes smoothly:

  • Designate a set-up crew
    • Adding ice to the 2 troughs (6 large bags of ice each) that will hold soda and water
    • Setting up the desserts that are brought in
  • Designate a take-down crew
    • Decorations have to be taken down and packed the night of the wedding, so unless the drunken bride wants to be on a ladder at 11:45pm (and I can promise she doesn’t), it is important to have someone dedicated to this task.
    • Historically this has been Aunts/Uncles… I think my Aunts and Uncles will be tearing up a rug most of the night… so we will have to see on that one ;)
  • Groomsmen/Bridesmaid Get Ready Room – Tear Down
    • As the night progresses, the wedding party is more and more likely to NOT want to go downstairs and clean up all their stuff.  It has happened that one person goes down in a drunken/but helpful frenzy and throws everyone’s belongings into their car and takes off.  Their goes Joe’s cell phone, Amy’s ID, and Georges left shoe… So either everyone go down around 9:00 and pick up their own stuff, or have boxes marked for each person and they can at least keep their stuff in each box and just grab the box on their way out! — this just came to me as I was typing and it seems like a brilliant idea!
  • If the bride dances, everyone dances.  If the bride doesn’t dance, lame partay!
    • Anyone who knows me, knows this is not an issue since as I was trying on wedding dresses, a key selling point was whether or not I could “drop it like it’s hot” in the dress.
  • Candles that actually have fire (ouch, hot) are only allowed on the tables.  No open flame on steps, windows or hair. — No problem with this one, I have a family member (ahem… sister… that used to light things on fire frequently)
  • The people go where the food/drink/music are.
    • You can control the crowd by having beverages outside, on opposite walls and near the snacks.  That way not everyone will huddle up next to the bar.  Although, with the quality of awesomeness we have for bartenders, why wouldn’t they want to?
  • 85 degrees and lower, people are more likely to be outside… anything above that and we’ll have to be resourceful about space in the barn.
  • And the thing I try to keep in mind always (that I’ve heard across the board) — Everything takes longer  than you think it will on your wedding day.  Plan buffer-time.

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