What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with no fear?

Quit my job and start crafting.

There is something so truly satisfying in making something tangible from start to finish.  And even more rewarding is making that something for someone else and seeing them just light up with the special uniqueness of a handmade item.  I have always loved to give, to help others, to fill the gap where I see them.  In my soul, I am happiest when I am creatively challenged and then visually rewarded with the excitement I see on the other end of that result.

This is what causes me to struggle in a cubicle every day to stay motivated.  It’s figuring out how to find tangible outcomes of what I’m doing and somehow see some kind of result when I’m done.  People at work don’t gush when I finish a project, it’s barely a high five because you are “just doing your job”.  Can’t “just doing my job” be an art?  Can’t someone stop and be like, wow… if anyone else had done that it would have been totally different, I value your approach and your contributions to this project, without you.. this project would have been different!

In a culture where more is more, the only reward we seem to get for great work… is more work.  Not the opportunity to sit and really polish the project, enhance our skills, hone in on opportunities for improvement… oh no, here’s 3 more projects that you can do in half the time, at the same pay and we will cross our fingers, close our eyes and hope for the same outcome.  Then people are shocked when something has to give and usually that something is either sanity or quality… but usually it is a little of both.

The nice thing about crafting/creating/molding/sprinkling/sparkly-ing(?) and so on, is that there is a direct correlation between the level of product and the time/effort/money allowed for that product.  Handcrafted items are not cheap because there is a respect for the fact that a human being is taking time out of their day to sit down and make something for you!  There is something profound that people feel (and are willing to pay for) when it comes to home/hand made goods.

Why is it that the gravity of the appreciation for handmade things isn’t translated into the handmade work that people sitting in offices do every day.  We all create something, emails, projects, papers, reports, gas.  We are masters of our crafts in our own right, however apparently until machines take over and it becomes a rare museum-type oddity when a human being actually types up an email… we won’t get paid for our handmade work.

So, all that to say… if I woke up tomorrow with no fear (and no doubt hopefully)… I would start on a crafting adventure of epic proportions my friends.

What would you do?


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