Reflections of a restless mind…

I’m a little restless tonight and just want to do a little word-vomitting on here.  With so much coming up in the future with work, home, life, family, friends, etc… I have been making an effort to take time to remember to be grateful.  Grateful for the people we have become as a family, grateful for the things we have (roof, jobs, love, laughter, cookies, wine, 10 fingers, 3 eyes… just kidding) and mostly just grateful to be living this life.

As a slightly deeper/awkward thought… I am always thankful I live in the time of deodorant, air conditioning, and razors.  Also I’m happy for running water and electricity.  I’m also excited about the internet, although pinterest is the devil. I’m  happy that I get to keep in touch with my family states away through social media.  I feel blessed to have walked through the coals enough time to recognize the cool relief of the “good things” when they come my way.

I’m thankful for the empathy I have for other people and even though it’s not always returned, I think it gives me enough perspective to keep a cooler head.

I’m giddy every day to have found someone to share life, laughter and ever after with.  Some days are good, some days are bad, but all days are ours, and that is pretty damn cool.  He shows endless compassion when I have small amounts, he shows me patience, I show him hot dance moves like “droppin’ it like it’s hot” and “shakin’ it like a polaroid pictures” and also have taught him a love for wine and cheese.

Mostly I’m just thankful that even though it’s been a crazy year, it’s also been a very heart warming year as well.  Life’s all about balance.


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