Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing…

Until you go off your anxiety medication ;)

Don’t get me wrong, the anxiety medication has literally been a god-send.  I was having panic attacks multiple times a day and spending numerous hours just trying to “get my shit together”.  Nothing makes someone feel lower than not feeling like they have control over their emotions.  Not only do you struggle to control yourself, you feel bad for being such a loony toon around everyone else.  I’ve been told that referring to yourself as crazy isn’t healthy, but there were days where “mentally-deficiant-emotionally-challenged-puddle-of-tears” was just a mouthful.

So, about a year later and I feel wonderful.  I took Lexapro and it did wonders and I definitely feel tons better. I’ve now successfully weened off of it and am feeling tons better!  The strangest thing I have noticed since stopping the medicine is that I enjoy must so much more again.  Isn’t that weird? I don’t know exactly when I stopped turning the music all the way up and truly enjoying it… but I know that I missed it for sure… but I didn’t know I missed it until I started enjoying it again.



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