Recent learnings.

Being someone who embraces change and growth (unless it is the waistline variety)… I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge some recent learnings and moments of growth.

  • “The puppies balls have dropped” is apparently a good thing.
  • Not everyone is as excited as me for my wedding.  Every. Single. Day.  They obviously need to start building up stamina.
  • Making decisions on a whim makes me light headed and sweaty. 
  • I have a teeny tiny grinch heart some days.  Usually Mondays.  Especially Mondays after a vacation.  Or if there is no chocolate.  Tiny. Grinch. Heart.
  • Protein shakes after workouts also help with soreness.  As discovered when I stopped taking them and 4 days later could barely roll my butt out of bed, walk, or wipe.  Protein shake regime has resumed.
  • Everything, everyone, and even wine is best in moderation.  Too much of a good thing gives you chills and the shakes.  If I’m keeping my distance, your either a good thing… or I’m avoiding you.  If you have to think about it too long… likely the latter. 
  • Weddings are really, really expensive.  I understand why people elope.
  • Pleasing everyone doesn’t work all the time, not taking any time to make sure myself is happy… is really not a good idea. (i feel like that isn’t good grammar, but i’m okay with it)
  • JIF came out with a new whipped peanut butter that is mind blowingly good and less calories.  Get it.  You’re welcome.
  • The Heat is probably my new favorite movie.  Double middle fingers sliding across a conference room door… my dream salute to my work day.
  • It’s illegal to sell your coworkers to the monkeys in the congo, so you have to deal with them.  This was a sad revelation that led me researching careers that involved less “office” time.  Like a super hero.
  • While some people find me to be funny/kind, others find me to be harsh/cruel.  I usually don’t know which one people will fall under until it’s too late.
  • It is really hard to go from single, to dating, to responsible adult in a household with a pre-teenager half time, to responsible adult in a household with a pre-teenager full time and keep your sanity.  Eleven is turning into the year of questions, boundaries and rulers left in questionable places.
  • The older I get, the more I understand how little gifts mean and much more the time spent with people means.  Unless the gift is dollar bills, those are still pretty darn cool.
  • 9:00 is now a welcomed time in the evening because I “get” to go to bed.  More because I value my time the next day so much more when I’m not cranky, exhausted and stabby.
  • Happiness and inspiration doesn’t happen, you have to work for it.  Similar to flat abs, eating right and relationships.  All the good things require work.  How ironic.

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