Engagement woes

Since I was engaged in January, I haven’t had many sleepless nights, bridezilla moments (that I’m aware of) or planning blocks.  However now that we are nearing the 6 month mark (12/27), I definitely can say that I have small moments of panic.  It’s definitely hard to be the sole planner of things.  I am understanding more and more how handy a wedding coordinator would be. 

I don’t need help making the decisions or paying (although extra moolah wouldn’t be something I shook a stick at)… but the logistics of a realistic wedding-day schedule, how many bridal showers to have, proper etiquette on hosting, invitations, gifts, rehearsal dinner, set up of reception, take down, seating charts, in-laws, out-laws and breakin’ the laws… this is where someone else could do the leg work for me. 

In my mind, I picture a slightly less famous jennifer lopez sitting down with a binder and being just as excited about all these details as me.  Maybe even thinking of a couple extra things to sparkle, glitter or lace-up in order to make the event extra memorable.

I’ve made table decorations, table numbers, table runners, invitations, bouquettes, save the dates and other stuff I can’t remember at the moment.  Sometimes I feel like I almost have enough decorations, then I look on Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes or A North Woods Wedding blog… and the ideas start swimming all over again. 

I find staying true to your style is tricky when you have a 1.5 year engagement.  It is a good amount of time in order to casually get decorations together, find the perfect venue and enjoy being engaged… however also long enough to think of many other ways to add to your idea.  A simple “muted rose/vintage” theme is definitely in style now and can be decorated in many awesome ways.

I know that at the end of the day, the fact that Jason and I are starting the rest of our lives together is the most important part of the whole shebang.  However I definitely have enough green backs, moolah, benjamins, etc… invested that I also want it to be a memorable and perfect-ish kind of day.  Honestly if I didn’t care about the whole celebration (venue, aptmosphere, sound, feel, awesomeness)… we would have just gotten married by Elvis in Vegas.  I’m quite sure it would have been cheaper.

Anyways, I realize that most times I sit and ponder all these things on my own and that only leads to more feelings of isolation and stress.  So, I’m going to try and get back to my roots and write more :)  It has always been a good release for me.

On a side note: As I was typing this Vince was reading a book to us that had to do with micro-organisms and he got to a section that talked about sperm cells.  He got two sentences in and refusted to read anymore.  His Dad asked how he was going to learn about this stuff if he didn’t read it, Vince promptly responded “school”.  End of discussion.  :)  These moments make me smile.


2 thoughts on “Engagement woes

  1. Girl you are so good with all of this. It is now time for me to start all this planning…Maybe you can be my coordinator. Call me anytime. I will talk and or listen to anything you have to say.

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