After what feels like one of the longest winter’s in my adult life, spring is here.  There isn’t anymore snow on the ground, and it’s been above 60 degrees for a whole week.  I haven’t had to wear a coat, bring extra shoes to work to change into when I take boots off, and my car looks like a car again instead of a giant mobile piece of salt. 

Not only is spring exciting because of the change in the weather and more sun, but this year it means that the wedding is getting closer!  We are just 2.5 months out now.  At this point I’m very much looking forward to being married and starting to plan for new adventures post-wedding day.  The wedding has been all-consuming of both our budgets and our sanity.

It’s definitely time for me to amp up my workout efforts.  The winter definitely left me a little sluggish and lack-luster.  However, I have had a workout buddy in the morning.  A mouse.  The tricky little bugger!  The other morning led to an exciting scene of seeing my future husband with only his jeans on, holding a hockey stick, and telling me to flush the mouse out to him.  I asked why I couldn’t use the stick to flush the mouse and his response was, “are you going to slapshot the mouse?”… um no.  So, he kept the stick and I kept moving furniture around.  The mouse still lives, and I’m a little more alert during my morning workouts.

I’ve taken on the challenge of creating a space for me in the spare room upstairs.  An office/craft room.  Strickly girly.  All things happy and color coordinating.  I love my fiance, but not one penguins piece of memorablia will end up in that room.  I’m very excited and Pinterested has been helping me obsess plan for all the little details I’d like to include.  Like a chandelier.  That was another moment where Jason couldn’t tell if I was joking or not.  Every good office needs a chandelier.  Pinterest made that clear :)  Thank you, pinterest.

My nieces are now old enough to remember me, and demand remember the things that makes “Aunt Ingrid’s House” special.  Like Lily who will walk in at any time of the day, sit on our dining room table and declare that she wants waffles.  So, we keep a steady supply of eggo waffles in the freezer.  Evelyn has her ticks as well, she likes string cheese, and the bean bag from Vince’s room.  She likes to pull up the bean bag to the tv and relax.  I’ve really been enjoying seeing their personalities shine.  Being an Aunt is one of my favorite things to be.


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