38 days… and counting

38 days until our “I do’s”.

I feel like just yesterday I was in the 400+ days and thinking that our wedding day would NEVER get here.  Now I’m wishing I had a little more time to just relax and go through last minute decorations, etc.  Obviously no one notified the universe that my wedding is coming up because I am bombarded with craziness at work, home and in my dreams!  However, for the most part I have been handling it pretty well (although that is just my opinion and my Mom has always said that crazy people always think they are just fine… so…).

Last weekend was my bridal shower and bachelorette party.  Both were tremendously successful.  I felt like both Kelly (bridal shower hostess) and my sister, Alex (bachelorette party hostess) took the time to perfectly capture the essense I wanted for those celebrations.  There was not a single party favor that resembled any kind of genitalia, there was sparkles and photo-props a-plenty and delicious food.  I was so thankful for the people who could make it and to the people who couldn’t, but took the time to wish me well anyways.  Kelly provided me with a pack of thank you cards and address labels for everyone who attended as one of my gifts, if any of you out there are going to throw a bridal shower anytime soon… do this!  It was so tremendously helpful and allowed me to have the thank you’s in the mail on Monday morning.  Boom!  My sister arranged for my favorite shot to be brought out by the staff in little test-tube things.  They even had my name on them!  How awesome was that?  It was awesome enough for me to drink four of them… I had to drink the people’s who didn’t show up.  I believe this is somewhat to blame for the raging heartburn I had (have) for the next few days.  Kelly also had this delicious white sangria, totally loved it. 

As the wedding itself draws closer I am finding myself re-examing the details that are most important to me on that day. I don’t know if it is the clarity of the occassion being so close, or the reality of our stretched budget, but suddenly the little details are just that… little.  I find myself focusing  a little less on every tiny little detail (I’m sure that will change in the days before the wedding) and have enough distance from the event to be able to look at the occassion from a 30,000 foot view.  After worrying about who/what/when for 20 people for a shower, I realized that none of it mattered at the end of the day.  I was present and I celebrated with everyone that could make it, and it was perfect.




One thought on “38 days… and counting

  1. Nice job ladies with throwing Ingrid the best parties!

    Ingrid I think this is the happiest I have ever seen you in a photo!

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