Wild ride…

Well, I have one more day of work left before the wedding.  Tomorrow I’ll be packing things up, squaring things away and doing a happy little jig on my way out of there.  You won’t be able to slap the smile off my face at 4:00 tomorrow.  It will be “real”.  No more work, only time… wine… and wedding stuff!  It’s been such a long journey (it feels like it anyways).  There was the high of getting engaged, making some quick and fast decisions (in the first couple months I had my dress, DJ, venue, etc) and then another year and a few months passed.  There were times when work was so busy, there was not a wedding brain cell available. And then there were times when my mind was filled with head counts, catering, tea lights and pinterest… oh pinterest.  The devil.

It wasn’t until sometime this weekend that I truly felt like I had reached a point where I could say that I had everything I “needed” for my big day.  “need” is a very relative term when it comes to weddings.  I had to stop looking at wedding blogs, websites, magazines and that damn pinterest.  There was always a bigger, better, prettier, rustic(er), idea that I had to talk myself out of and it got to be exhausting and expensive!

I am so happy to say that we have achieved our goal of reaching our wedding day debt-free (as far as the wedding goes).  We both scrimped, saved, worked extra, and made deals where we could to walk into our lives together without the extra burden of wedding debt!  That, my friends, is an awesome feeling!  We will be able to wine, dine and entertain some of our closest families and friends without a care in the world… except maybe “don’t get drunk, don’t get drunk, a hangover on the flight will suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” :)

I have found that I was far more of a control freak that probably necessary throughout most of the process and could have leaned on people a little more and stressed a little less, but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.  I think I got to right where I needed to be, when I needed to be there and am pretty content. I still seem to have a constant excess stream of energy coursing through my veins at all hours of the day and night… which likely explains why my well-fitted wedding dress was too big when I tried it on last weekend (it is at the alteration lady’s house as we speak).

Jason and Vincent seem to be unfazed by most of it, which is good as well.  We have had so much other things going on with BMX, volleyball, hockey, work, work and glitter & glue.  Jason and I spent our first nights on the couch watching movies this weekend in MONTHS.  It was glorious!  Well, back to the couch for the evening and some Lizard Lick Towing.  It’s kinda like crack.  “I’m going to call you cool, caused you’re whipped”…. yup.  :)


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