Trying out Pilates!

I’ve been a faithful Zumba-er for a few years now, every weekday morning I go down to my basement and pop in one of my Zumba DVD’s.  I’ve definitely felt in a bit of a rut lately, and my weight has been fluctuating (read: gone up) so I decided to change it up a bit and rotate in some Pilates.  I’m LOVING it.  My body feels so strong and I can feel improvements in my body doing the moves.

Since I’m cheap and don’t have a gym membership, I tend to do these exercises at home.  I use my Xbox to watch YouTube videos (so it’s on the BIG screen for me to see).  Here are a couple of my favorite Pilates videos I’ve been using:

Super Slim Down: Pilates Yoga Blend

Weight Loss Pilates




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