Time flies!

I cannot believe it has been since January since I have written anything on here.  Life has been a bit of a whirlwind.

I’ve been traveling every other week out to Cleveland for work, which consists of long work days, mornings in a gym (and making up stories about the people in the gym with me), many hours in airports and the wondrous side effect of missing my home (family, friends, dogs, etc).  After a week of rental cars, planes, and taxi’s… I’m always very content to get into my own car at the airport and drive myself home. I am enjoying my new career immensely.  I enjoy the challenges it presents me, the courage I have found, and the people I have met.  I feel like a better/stronger/more resilient person for taking the leap and starting this consulting business.

We’ve been married for 11 months now.  It’s been really, really great.  There is something very calming and peaceful about promising forever with someone.  It’s very heart-filling to plan adventures, projects and travels with someone else.  My husband is very constant, dependable, supportive and funny.  He is my person.  I asked him the other day if I was doing a good job at being a wife and if there was anything I could do better.  I ask that question of my peers and coworkers and realized that I also very much care if I’m doing a good job at being a wife… as I’m that for many more hours of the day than I am an a peer/coworker.  He pretended to think long and hard about it… and then gave some really good feedback about my tendency to “get on a roll” and pile on complaints when I’m only upset about one thing… which was really fair feedback.  I made sure to not get upset or defensive because that would have kept him from being honest in the future with feedback (and because he was right).  It felt good, productive and grown-up to discuss it.

Now, with Summer finally here… we are balancing home projects, special “date” nights, family time with Vincent, both of our hectic work schedules and visions of vacations in our heads.  I am in such a good place in life right now and really enjoying it.  I find myself being very thankful lately.  It is funny how age gives you perspective.  It’s hard to be upset about aging when every year brings more wisdom, growing friendships, and opportunities.  I find myself to be more compassionate, more willing to stop and smell the roses, and at the same time less willing to deal with BS because life is too short to spend your time with thoughts, people, or events that don’t improve the quality of your time on this earth.  This life is a good one.


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