Totally Digging these Mantras

I was reading this article and was totally feeling these mantras.  So much so that I wanted to share.  I love many of the blogs on this website, if you want to have some good “pick-me-up” conversations with yourself… take a few moments and read some of these blog posts!

This message was perfect for me today because I was totally down this morning after seeing some great movement on the scale recently, finally getting rid of some pesky lb’s I had gained since the wedding.. and this morning due to a week of lack of sleep and maybe a few late night snacks… the scale rewarded me for not paying attention to my body/mind.  I was beating myself up about my choices and then read this and thought… well, I can’t change anything that I already did this week.. but I can certainly be kinder to myself today and shoot for better decisions tomorrow.

Maybe these mantras will resonate with someone else as well, so I wanted to share :)


I lift myself up
I give myself respect
I am in charge
And joy is the effect

I strengthen my mind
My body will follow
I raise myself up
I do it right now


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