My why…

In my new/recent adventure doing the beachbody workouts, shakes and then becoming a coach… I’ve been challenged to determine my “why” for becoming a beachbody coach.

There are the obvious/surface level reasons… Tasty shakes for a discount, workouts that are awesome and changing my body one day at a time, possible monetary incentive if people sign up to be coaches and/or customers. Those are indeed nice. I’ve become slightly addicted to my shakes and my new guns (pew pew).

However, those are not my why.

My why is that since I’ve started these programs and got a coach myself (and since become a coach)… I’ve been surrounded by positive thoughts, people, energy, vibes, etc.

Its challenged me in the best way possible to be vulnerable. Post positive stuff when you feel like people won’t care.  Post pictures of yourself and your progress that make you feel very exposed.  I can promise that when I post before/after photos… I hit “post” and walk away. But I still hit post.

I simply feel happier. If there was a meter for happiness… Besides a few hormone-influenced days… It’s been off the charts. And, quite simply, I want other people to feel happier too. Truly.

Be happy friends… No matter your why or how! Xoxo


True and True.


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