Why I ditched my step tracker…

I got a Garmin VivoFit about a year ago.  Before I go any further… I will say that I loved it.  It worked great, I never had to charge it, I used it as a watch since it displayed the time all the time and it kept me active during the day at work.

So – after that intro – why would I ditch something that was working so well?  It’s about goals.  My goal overall is to be the best version of myself.  That is pretty broad, but when it comes to the physical fitness portion that translated into the goal of becoming stronger and leaner.

With that particular fitness goal in mind, the vivofit was causing more angst than motivation most days.  I’d be working out hard doing body weight exercises (push-ups, squats, ab exercises, etc) and would end up at a measly 3,000 steps for the day (or something along those lines).  I would then feel like I hadn’t accomplished enough because I didn’t have enough “steps”.

I really came to a place lately where I started redefining how I looked at my fitness (and what it meant for ME to be fit) in general.  I shortened my workouts to 30-50 minutes of more intense workouts per day.  I also started measuring progress through increased strength, how I look/feel in my clothes, and how I mentally/physically feel… instead of relying entirely on the number on the scale.

These new definitions of fitness for myself… are definitely not something that evolved overnight and are now steadfast habits.  I still do weigh myself often… more to help me understand how what I’m eating/drinking/doing physically moves the scale up or down.  Not “good or bad”… just up and down.

I can definitely say that I’ve been much more content with my progress since re-aligning my goals and views on my physical fitness journey.  With these new goals I find myself excited to workout every day to see how I’ve changed.  Is this workout easier today?  Can I jump higher, run faster, do burpees at the speed of light ( <– the answer to that would still be no)?!? Every day I see progress… and when you are striving for progress vs. perfection… that means every day I am meeting my goals.  Which keeps me motivated and engaged in my journey.

For me personally, the vivofit didn’t make sense anymore… and since I ditched it a few weeks ago… I haven’t looked back.  Maybe it will rotate back into play in the future as my goals change (as often happens with life)… but for now it is taking a nice little vacation on my night stand.


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