Snack, Video, Toilet Trips, oh my!

Today I created a new snack (for me)… and it was awesome.  So simple, not sure why I haven’t done it before.  It brings all my favorite things together.  I definitely had a moment today when I wondered how often I could make this in a day and stay on track with eating to meet my goals (twice is the answer).

Snacking it Elvis style

Snacking it Elvis style

I got a little ancy today and decided to break it down to a little fitness-style ab video.

Today I was really trying to get all my water in.  According to the program I’m following (21 day fix)… I should be drinking have my weight in ounces… of water a day.  Which seems like a lot.  Based on the bazillion trips to the toilet today, my bladder felt like it was a lot as well.  However, I know it is important… so I’m proud of myself for getting my H2O in today!

Side note – I have been suffering with a killer headache for hours… it’s really bumming me out.  However, writing this and reflecting on my day… definitely lifted my spirits a bit.

Life is good… marriage, health, family, finances, fitness… focusing on positive things, brings positive vibes.  Bring on the good vibes.


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