Whine about Wine

Friends… let me tell you something.  Everyone has their unique struggle when it comes to maintaining a nutrition program (short or long term).  I eat pretty healthy most of the time, I like healthy food, I can even go without chocolate for short periods of time.  I have peanut butter almost every day along with English muffins, fruit, a chocolate shake, etc.  So, what could I possibly have to whine about?


I like it.  I like drinking it.  Which, isn’t a problem… everything in moderation, right?  However, I don’t know about you… but once I have one glass of wine, the wine gremlins come out… and they don’t like only having one glass.  They certainly think that cheese curds are a vegetable… and that dropping like it’s hot at 34 is not only necessary, but also counts as my evening leg workout.

I think it’s a constant struggle trying to balance “living the good life” and “living the life that meets my goals… that I set to live a good life”.  I want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  I also want to drink the wine.  So, where is that line… and how come the line moves once I’ve had one glass of wine?  I have had many people tell me that life’s too short, so drink that wine!  Yeah, well… if I drink the wine every time I want to drink the wine… my waist on my pants will be too short as well.  Life… pants…

Sigh… first world problems, I know.

Anyways – all that to say that I am currently doing a (reluctantly) good job at not drinking the wine… and am trying to figure out what MY balance is.  Similar to how I tweak my workouts as I get stronger, lift more weights, jump higher, sweat more… I also am finding out what MY nutrition plan looks like.  What MY body will tolerate.  My goal is to eat and workout to meet my goals, both short and longterm goals.  My goal is NOT to diet and deprive myself unnecessarily… only to then eat ALL THE THINGS once I am done with the diet.

Alright… I’m done with my whining now!

What’s your struggle with nutrition plans?


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