Invisalign – Before and After

Since I’ve shared some other before and after photos recently, I would like to share my invisalign before and after photos:

I had 47 aligners.  So, that’s 94 weeks of invisalign plus 1 year of wearing my retainer every day and night, and now I wear my retainer every night (and will continue to forever).

I had braces as a middle schooler, and didn’t wear my retainer.  As my teeth shifted as an adult, I become more and more insecure about them.  I hated seeing my teeth in pictures, it was ALL I saw in every picture I took.  If you are on the fence about getting invisalign… I say do it.  You will invest so much money in other stuff in your life… why not this?  Why not invest in your smile?

I’ve never lost one minute of sleep over the cost of my invisalign.  I have gained tons of confidence and now LOVE my pictures and my smile.


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