This is how people go crazy…

I’m on day 8 of on and off ear-ringing (tinnitus) in my right ear.  I now totally understand why people might jab sharp things into their ear… or run around with their ears covered screaming like a mad person.

About 1 week ago on a work trip, I ended up being escorted via ambulance to the local emergency room to address my acute symptoms of 1) ear ringing 2) vertigo 3) vomiting in waste basket at office… and then in ambulance.  I went from “normal” me to “puddle of vomiting sweaty person” in about 35 minutes.  The EMTs gave me some glorious medicine to stop me from vomiting, which was much appreciated by me… and my two coworkers riding in the ambulance with me.

Once I made it to the ER, and after peeing the last remaining fluids in my body into a cup… I then waiting to see the doctor for a good hour or so.  I was hooked up to an IV to give me some fluids while I waited… and waited… and waited.  Finally the ER doctor came in and after about 8 minutes of talking (after 2 hours of transport/sitting/waiting) she informs me that I likely have Menier’s Disease and that I should see an ENT.  And proceeds to let me know I can leave.

Hold the phone.  1) you tell me I have an incurable and chronic condition all nonchalant like… FU. and 2) give me some of these magic anti pukey pukey pills to take with me then.

I got the drugs and was magically let go / ushered out in about 1/200th of the time it took to get in and be seen.  Like magic.

I spent the next few days on WebMD and other sites looking up Menier’s Disease… hyperventilating, looking it up again, hyperventilating, then just focusing on what I could control and moving on.

The most common things I am reading is “no caffeine, no alcohol, less salt, less stress”.  Okay, so for the last week I’ve been adhering to all those things, and yet am still having daily episodes of ear ringing and mild-medium episodes of verdigo.

I fly home from my work trip with no new/acute problems from my ears, thank the sweet baby jesus.  And start to try to get into see the ENT.  Which, as it turns out, is like trying to see the president of the united states.  WTF is up with that?  Isn’t there a fast track like,

  • Are you having acute symptoms now?
  • Have you considered Van Gough-ing your troublesome ear?
  • Have you considered what a pig ear replacement would look like, and yet are still considering it?
  • D – All of the above – plus the irrational urge to scare away normal patients in the waiting room to get their spot.

Yup, D.

So… again, in the meantime trying to not let anxiety take total control.  Focusing on the things I CAN control… Nutrition, Exercise, Logging of Episodes for stupid doctor to read when I finally get seen, Researching Essential Oils to use, Learning Pressure Points, Learning naked moon dances (haha – not yet, but I’d consider it) to make the symptoms less, or absent all together.

I’m holding out hope that it is not Menier’s, and maybe something else that causes ear pressure, tinnitus (ear ringing) and vomiting… and wrapped up in a bundle o’ awesome on the daily.

So, on day 8… I’d say I am still doing all the things I normally would, just a bit slower.  So, I consider that a victory.  Saying some prayers and doing some meditating towards an answer… naked moon dancing… here I come!!!!





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