Beachbody Coaching

What is Beachbody and why did I become a coach?

Well – if you’ve ever been up really early, really late, or just too lazy to change the TV channel… you’ve probably come across an infomercial that was advertising one of the beachbody programs:

Beachbody also offers a delicious assortment of meal replacement shakes, Shakeology.  I even convinced my husband… who usually shies away from “too healthy” things… to give the shakes a try.  We now both start our day with a shake each. We like chocolate the most, however there is a new café latte flavor coming out in January 2016 that I think will become a special treat for me!

I so enjoyed the products and programs of beachbody, that I eventually crossed over to the dark side and became a beachbody coach.  Where has that gotten me?  Or nothing but a amazingly supportive community of men and women looking to better their lives and the lives of everyone around them.  The opportunity to expand my network of people I know to include these awesome coaches and the customers I work with… is priceless.

I didn’t always live a healthy lifestyle, and everyone likes a good before and after.  So here is one quick snapshot to show one measurement of how my life has changed over the years.  I believe the biggest changes are inside (confidence, happiness, healthiness… but it’s a tad harder to put those things on a scale):


Left = 2006. Right = 2015.  40 pounds and 9 yrs difference.

Interested in learning more about Beachbody in general?  Contact me either through this website or by visiting my Beachbody coaching page.