Prompt 1 – My favorite way to spend the day is…

This is a good one.

I just got back from spending seven days in Mexico with a bunch of amazing women.  We spent time at the beach, at the pool, in sessions together, and lots of time laughing.  That was a beautiful experience… however my favorite way to the spend the day is still relaxing somewhere that feels like home.

Here is how my perfect day would go:

  1. I’d wake up without an alarm clock, but still around 7am because mornings are my favorite.
  2. I’m also clearly not working on my favorite day, which should be obvious… but I’ll call it out here just in case.
  3. I’d put on some comfortable clothes, throw on some warm slippers and beach wave my hair (because I like when it has a little volume… even when I’m relaxing).
  4. I’d let the dogs in who are so sweet and lazy in the morning.
  5. I’d have a coffee and an apple cider donut in my kitchen with the morning sunlight streaming in from outside… wrapped in a blanket and fending off Mya’s advances towards me and my donut.
  6. I’d spend some time watching whatever I wanted in the morning on the TV (because most likely Jason and/or Vincent are still sleeping) and checking my phone far too much.
  7. I’d put on some workout clothes and take the dogs for a walk… because on my favorite day it is super pleasant outside.
  8. I’d probably have some kind of avocado chicken sandwich/wrap for lunch with some fruit and then some chocolate(s).  If this favorite day is not totally grounded in reality… then I’d really like tiramisu as my dessert… but it would have to be straight from Italy.
  9. I’d definitely do something crafty (make a necklace, paint something, read a book)… probably while enjoying a glass of wine.
  10. I’d also have some kind of epic series on my laptop to listen to while crafting (LOTR, Hobbit, Harry Potter, Alien, Underworld, Resident Evil, etc, etc).  — Jason will be in his happy place playing his video game on the main tv.
  11. I’d probably take a nap while crafting – on accident or on purpose.  With all the windows open and a beautiful breeze blowing through (and Jason would kill any fly that threatened my slumber).
  12. I’d invite friends and family over to do crafty relaxy things with me.
  13. I’d light the best smelling candle, probably from Bed Bath and Beyond.
  14. Jason and I would enjoy a nice dinner which he makes on the grill because he is the grill master and the smell of a charcoal grill is divine.
  15. All my Pottery Barn candles would have turned around by dinner time and they will be flickering with the most delightful fake flames.
  16. Then we would sit around the fire at night and listen to music and relax.  I’d be wrapped up in my most cozy blanket and when I was tired would have the short commute of walking to my bedroom.
  17. My friends and family have all gone home or crashed on the couch before I go to bed… or I kick them out when I’m tired because it’s MY favorite day… which has an early bedtime too.
  18. On my favorite day I’ve also been taking the best pictures all day long and posting them on all the social media because I love to share.


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February Follies

Month two of 2016.  Today went pretty well as far as Mondays go!  Had a good work day, got laundry and dishes done early in the morning, got my workout(s) in, ate healthy all day, booked more stuff for my birthday trip to Napa Valley and also booked stuff for an awesome trip in March to celebrate awesome ladies supporting each other, networking, healing, learning, growing <– need I go on?  And… it’s in Orlando.  PS, that’s a helluva lot warmer than Wisconsin in March.

I have had so much on my mind lately.  The days are flying by and the nights are filled with weird stress dreams.  I have discovered a few things about myself lately…

  1. I do not like booking my own travel arrangements for vacations.  There are SO many options, prices, experiences, adventures… man oh man.  I’d much rather go on a structured/planned trip that someone else planned.  I have spent more hours thinking about and pondering what to do on my birthday trip to Napa, than I will actually spend in Napa!!  How crazy is that??  Lesson learned – just find a travel agent or friend that really digs that shit and just give them money or wine to do it for me.
  2. I am on a constant journey to better myself.  I am always open to ways to change, evolve, reflect, grow, enhance both myself and my life.  I hope this never changes, I enjoy flexing the muscles of my life to see where I can go and what I can do.
  3. I have a gum problem.  I chew like 8,371 pieces in a day when I’m stressed.  Is there support groups for this?
  4. I am so much more accepting of my body than I was even 6 months ago.  Focusing on eating clean and working out has given me such a different perspective and appreciation for my body and the things that it can do.  I take time every day to love all the bits!

Life has its ups and downs, and lately for me life has had many more ups than downs.  I’ve been really trying to find ways to fully appreciate and acknowledge this phenomenon since I know that might not always be the case :)  Appreciating the small things and each other.

Also – trying to be the biggest, best, badassiest version of myself that this universe will allow!  Which, is a pretty damn cool thing to think about every day.


Staying on track!

This was a travel week for work for me. I was determined to stay on track for my workouts. So, I packed enough food and shakes to eat almost every meal in my hotel room.


This definitely set me up for success this week and kept me from being tempted. Id rather save my cheat meals with my husband, good wine, and good food… Than because I didn’t plan well and made bad choices while traveling.

I also worked out in the hotel fitness center in order to stay on track with the workouts and use the weights. I was a little nervous, but it all worked out well!


I also found a great book at the airport on my way out of town… Read it!  I felt totally inspired and fired up!  Self-help with swear words  my kind of read.


I also was training people all week, and that went really well. It’s  awesome when people are engaged and listening to what you have to say… Especially when you’re only reason for doing it is to make sure THEY succeed!!

Im so glad to be heading home tomorrow to the dogs, husband and my own bed!!

New Breakfast Find, Yoga, and Progress!

I usually start my day with a Shakeology shake, but I love breakfast food!  So, I often have breakfast for lunch, or a snack even if I need to get some extra protein in and am craving some eggs.

I saw this idea and just had to try it:


Banana pancakes: 1/2 banana, 1 egg, cinnamon to taste. Cook like regular pancakes. Makes 1 serving.

It was pretty tasty. I could taste the banana, but it definitely has an essence of pancake. I could have added fruit as a topping… But already have my fruit containers for the day (I’m following the 21 day fix program).

This helped fuel my active recovery workout for the day, yoga fix.


I really enjoyed this workout today, I’m not very versed in the yoga poses, so I won’t even try telling you the names of the poses above :)

I’ve been following the 21 Day Fix program “officially” for 7 days now.  I’ve lost about 4.5 pounds and can tell that I’ve toned up a big around my mid section.  I have loved the new exercises (I was doing T25 for the last 9 weeks).  Here are my week 1 progress photos.  Top row is today, bottom row (in shorts) is day 1.

Week 1 complete of 21 Day Fix

Week 1 complete of 21 Day Fix

I’m enjoying the rest of this glorious lazy day by couching it with my husband, watching the Green Bay Packer playoff game (hopefully it goes well) and will be cooking up some food for the week in just a little bit.

Have a great week!

Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday:

My journey (so far).

The picture on the left, I was about 170 pounds and didn’t feel very comfortable or confident. I had never counted calories, nor did I have any idea really the nutritional value of anything I was eating (hello box of macaroni and cheese). I hadn’t “worked out” since I left high school sports behind me.

I tried weight watchers, lost 30 pounds being VERY strict with what I ate and not drinking at all. Three months later (yup… 3) and I had gained all 30 back. That was my first introduction to the need to create a healthy LIFE, not a successful short term diet.

I did well changing up my habits on my own for a while, then hit a point where a “healthy lifestyle” wasn’t a priority in my life anymore and I was drinking way too much, suffering from depression & anxiety, and struggling in secret with an eating disorder.

Thankfully I eventually acknowledged and owned my dilemma and re-aligned my priorities to put my health and myself first. I started to workout almost every day (Zumba, walking, jogging), amped up my nutrition and cut back on the amount of alcohol I was consuming regularly.

Then, a friend introduced me to ShaunT and “Beachbody”. I had never sweat so much… In. My. Life. I went from hour long workouts… To 25-30 minute workouts… With much better results.

I can honestly say that being a part of the beachbody community has been one of the more enjoyable lifestyle changes I’ve taken on in a while. The workouts are transforming my body (again) to a stronger one. The nutrition plans have me eating more clean/whole food than I did before. The focus on progress vs perfection… Is really just beautiful.

If you are ready to transform your lifestyle for the better… Why not try beachbody products, programs, or even coaching?!?! It could change your life… And the lives of those around you in such a great way.

Are you in?!

PS… There is a 40 lb difference and 9 years between the photos… However the biggest differences are on the inside and can’t be measured.image

Snack, Video, Toilet Trips, oh my!

Today I created a new snack (for me)… and it was awesome.  So simple, not sure why I haven’t done it before.  It brings all my favorite things together.  I definitely had a moment today when I wondered how often I could make this in a day and stay on track with eating to meet my goals (twice is the answer).

Snacking it Elvis style

Snacking it Elvis style

I got a little ancy today and decided to break it down to a little fitness-style ab video.

Today I was really trying to get all my water in.  According to the program I’m following (21 day fix)… I should be drinking have my weight in ounces… of water a day.  Which seems like a lot.  Based on the bazillion trips to the toilet today, my bladder felt like it was a lot as well.  However, I know it is important… so I’m proud of myself for getting my H2O in today!

Side note – I have been suffering with a killer headache for hours… it’s really bumming me out.  However, writing this and reflecting on my day… definitely lifted my spirits a bit.

Life is good… marriage, health, family, finances, fitness… focusing on positive things, brings positive vibes.  Bring on the good vibes.

Why I ditched my step tracker…

I got a Garmin VivoFit about a year ago.  Before I go any further… I will say that I loved it.  It worked great, I never had to charge it, I used it as a watch since it displayed the time all the time and it kept me active during the day at work.

So – after that intro – why would I ditch something that was working so well?  It’s about goals.  My goal overall is to be the best version of myself.  That is pretty broad, but when it comes to the physical fitness portion that translated into the goal of becoming stronger and leaner.

With that particular fitness goal in mind, the vivofit was causing more angst than motivation most days.  I’d be working out hard doing body weight exercises (push-ups, squats, ab exercises, etc) and would end up at a measly 3,000 steps for the day (or something along those lines).  I would then feel like I hadn’t accomplished enough because I didn’t have enough “steps”.

I really came to a place lately where I started redefining how I looked at my fitness (and what it meant for ME to be fit) in general.  I shortened my workouts to 30-50 minutes of more intense workouts per day.  I also started measuring progress through increased strength, how I look/feel in my clothes, and how I mentally/physically feel… instead of relying entirely on the number on the scale.

These new definitions of fitness for myself… are definitely not something that evolved overnight and are now steadfast habits.  I still do weigh myself often… more to help me understand how what I’m eating/drinking/doing physically moves the scale up or down.  Not “good or bad”… just up and down.

I can definitely say that I’ve been much more content with my progress since re-aligning my goals and views on my physical fitness journey.  With these new goals I find myself excited to workout every day to see how I’ve changed.  Is this workout easier today?  Can I jump higher, run faster, do burpees at the speed of light ( <– the answer to that would still be no)?!? Every day I see progress… and when you are striving for progress vs. perfection… that means every day I am meeting my goals.  Which keeps me motivated and engaged in my journey.

For me personally, the vivofit didn’t make sense anymore… and since I ditched it a few weeks ago… I haven’t looked back.  Maybe it will rotate back into play in the future as my goals change (as often happens with life)… but for now it is taking a nice little vacation on my night stand.