Prompt 3 – Two moments I’ll never forget in my life are… Describe them in great detail, and what makes them so unforgettable.

Moment 1:  Standing in the Barn during my wedding late at night.

I took one moment to stand apart from everyone and take in the moment.  Thinking to myself… this is MY day.  And just being filled with such gratitude and joy for all the people who made that day the BEST day.  I will never forget standing there and being filled with such pure love and joy.

Moment 2:  Pep talk from my cousin Carmen

I was at a high school dance.  I had been shut down or pushed out of a group and was feeling bad about myself.  My cousin Carmen came over and gave me the best pep talk.  She basically let me know that I was awesome and everyone else’s opinion did not matter (she used shorter words that rhymed with curse words… or maybe they were just curse words).  Long story short… someone who I loved and admired told me I was worth all the awesomeness.

I know the challenge is to write two moments, but I have so many.  So many special memories of my amazing family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Siblings and Parents… have all blessed me with their time and love.  I am a blessed human and having to choose just two moments reminds me how very blessed I am… because I have HUNDREDS of special moments.


Prompt 1 – My favorite way to spend the day is…

This is a good one.

I just got back from spending seven days in Mexico with a bunch of amazing women.  We spent time at the beach, at the pool, in sessions together, and lots of time laughing.  That was a beautiful experience… however my favorite way to the spend the day is still relaxing somewhere that feels like home.

Here is how my perfect day would go:

  1. I’d wake up without an alarm clock, but still around 7am because mornings are my favorite.
  2. I’m also clearly not working on my favorite day, which should be obvious… but I’ll call it out here just in case.
  3. I’d put on some comfortable clothes, throw on some warm slippers and beach wave my hair (because I like when it has a little volume… even when I’m relaxing).
  4. I’d let the dogs in who are so sweet and lazy in the morning.
  5. I’d have a coffee and an apple cider donut in my kitchen with the morning sunlight streaming in from outside… wrapped in a blanket and fending off Mya’s advances towards me and my donut.
  6. I’d spend some time watching whatever I wanted in the morning on the TV (because most likely Jason and/or Vincent are still sleeping) and checking my phone far too much.
  7. I’d put on some workout clothes and take the dogs for a walk… because on my favorite day it is super pleasant outside.
  8. I’d probably have some kind of avocado chicken sandwich/wrap for lunch with some fruit and then some chocolate(s).  If this favorite day is not totally grounded in reality… then I’d really like tiramisu as my dessert… but it would have to be straight from Italy.
  9. I’d definitely do something crafty (make a necklace, paint something, read a book)… probably while enjoying a glass of wine.
  10. I’d also have some kind of epic series on my laptop to listen to while crafting (LOTR, Hobbit, Harry Potter, Alien, Underworld, Resident Evil, etc, etc).  — Jason will be in his happy place playing his video game on the main tv.
  11. I’d probably take a nap while crafting – on accident or on purpose.  With all the windows open and a beautiful breeze blowing through (and Jason would kill any fly that threatened my slumber).
  12. I’d invite friends and family over to do crafty relaxy things with me.
  13. I’d light the best smelling candle, probably from Bed Bath and Beyond.
  14. Jason and I would enjoy a nice dinner which he makes on the grill because he is the grill master and the smell of a charcoal grill is divine.
  15. All my Pottery Barn candles would have turned around by dinner time and they will be flickering with the most delightful fake flames.
  16. Then we would sit around the fire at night and listen to music and relax.  I’d be wrapped up in my most cozy blanket and when I was tired would have the short commute of walking to my bedroom.
  17. My friends and family have all gone home or crashed on the couch before I go to bed… or I kick them out when I’m tired because it’s MY favorite day… which has an early bedtime too.
  18. On my favorite day I’ve also been taking the best pictures all day long and posting them on all the social media because I love to share.


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The wedding that was…

So everyone told me that my wedding day was going to go by so fast, that I wouldn’t have time to say hi to everyone and that I wouldn’t have time to drink enough to drink barely 1 drink.

They were mostly right. I am still in awe that my wedding day went by as fast as it did. I mean truly it was a blur. There are moments that stick out in my mind, but it definitely wasn’t like a work day where every agonizing minute is burned into your memory. Even the morning time where I was physically relaxing and watching my beautiful bridesmaids get their hair done, I must have still been mentally stressed because it is all a blur.

I didn’t have time to spend time with hardly any of the people who came to the wedding as guests, unless they snagged me at the photobooth or dared to “drop it like it’s hot” with me, there was a brief moment of thanking and hugging after the ceremony that was immediately followed by photos, dinner, photos, dancing, photos, dancing, cleaning up, leaving… and honeymoon.

I did have time to drink a few vodka drinks. Thanks to some great friends who kept me well “hydrated” in the 80+ degree, humid Wisconsin weather!

The wedding day itself was beautiful. We woke up to very reasonable weather. Jason spent the night at a friend’s house, so it was just my sister and I the morning of the wedding. Luckily I was able to get a good nights sleep thanks to a relaxing massage given by my sister. Alexandra was so good to me. She was so understanding of my short-temperment and was ready, willing and able to help with whatever I needed. It truly made me feel well taken care of.

Laura and Kelly showed up with Bagels and Cream Cheese for the bridesmaids, it’s important to keep all the ladies well fed and happy on a day-long wedding extravaganza. Amy brought a carafe of coffee for anyone that needed an extra pick-me-up! The girls has also contributed desserts to the dessert buffet (which at the end of the night was a big hit – or so I have heard). They helped me do some last minute decorating and then 2 by 2 got their hair done by Joni and Haley. They worked some serious hair magic. I do feel blessed that I didn’t feel like I would have done a thing differently. I loved my hair, loved my dress, loved my shoes (bedazzled flip flops), loved my hair piece that my cousin made me and loved the company that I chose to spend my day with.

I loved that my Aunts were there from Maryland and my Grandmother. I loved that they were able to sit with me while I got ready and share in my special day. It was important to me that they didn’t just feel like guests, that they felt like they were a part of the “event” that was my wedding. They were so helpful. (Especially when a certain bride dropped her plate of food on the ground and Linda and Grandma swooped in to save the day… seriously… godsends).

I loved that my Dad was happy and that we got to share the day together. I feel blessed that my family was able to be there and so many extended family and friends made the trip to share the day with me. My Dad got to see me before the ceremony to tell me how beautiful I looked and how proud he was. It was special. I especially loved that Vincent was such an addition to our day. He was definitely hot and uncomfortable in his suit, but he smiled in every picture and even took part in the photo booth. His great attitude on the day when his father was remarrying, was truly appreciated and special.

I loved that the groomsmen were such good sports, that they were all such wonderful supporters of Jason throughout the process and such good sports for the pictures. They were such a fun addition to the day.

The venue was amazing, all their help at the barn was so appreciated. The catering crew set up and provided a dinner that everyone enjoyed. The bartenders were amazing (even going so far as to make sure I had the extra bottle of vodka just for me – cherry flavored). The photobooth was obviously a big hit. The DJ was outstanding, stepping up to cover any gaps that were left by other vendors or just things that I didn’t plan for that were needed. The bus we hired was a great idea that made me feel like everyone at least had the option to make good choices that night!

All-in-all, it was a wonderful day full of family and friends and to me… it went off perfectly!

Recent learnings.

Being someone who embraces change and growth (unless it is the waistline variety)… I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge some recent learnings and moments of growth.

  • “The puppies balls have dropped” is apparently a good thing.
  • Not everyone is as excited as me for my wedding.  Every. Single. Day.  They obviously need to start building up stamina.
  • Making decisions on a whim makes me light headed and sweaty. 
  • I have a teeny tiny grinch heart some days.  Usually Mondays.  Especially Mondays after a vacation.  Or if there is no chocolate.  Tiny. Grinch. Heart.
  • Protein shakes after workouts also help with soreness.  As discovered when I stopped taking them and 4 days later could barely roll my butt out of bed, walk, or wipe.  Protein shake regime has resumed.
  • Everything, everyone, and even wine is best in moderation.  Too much of a good thing gives you chills and the shakes.  If I’m keeping my distance, your either a good thing… or I’m avoiding you.  If you have to think about it too long… likely the latter. 
  • Weddings are really, really expensive.  I understand why people elope.
  • Pleasing everyone doesn’t work all the time, not taking any time to make sure myself is happy… is really not a good idea. (i feel like that isn’t good grammar, but i’m okay with it)
  • JIF came out with a new whipped peanut butter that is mind blowingly good and less calories.  Get it.  You’re welcome.
  • The Heat is probably my new favorite movie.  Double middle fingers sliding across a conference room door… my dream salute to my work day.
  • It’s illegal to sell your coworkers to the monkeys in the congo, so you have to deal with them.  This was a sad revelation that led me researching careers that involved less “office” time.  Like a super hero.
  • While some people find me to be funny/kind, others find me to be harsh/cruel.  I usually don’t know which one people will fall under until it’s too late.
  • It is really hard to go from single, to dating, to responsible adult in a household with a pre-teenager half time, to responsible adult in a household with a pre-teenager full time and keep your sanity.  Eleven is turning into the year of questions, boundaries and rulers left in questionable places.
  • The older I get, the more I understand how little gifts mean and much more the time spent with people means.  Unless the gift is dollar bills, those are still pretty darn cool.
  • 9:00 is now a welcomed time in the evening because I “get” to go to bed.  More because I value my time the next day so much more when I’m not cranky, exhausted and stabby.
  • Happiness and inspiration doesn’t happen, you have to work for it.  Similar to flat abs, eating right and relationships.  All the good things require work.  How ironic.

Snapshots of Summer 2013

Captains Log – Star Date 712,540,123

I am in this awkward time warp where I work for what appears to be 1 day, and then the next time I pull my head out of the quicksand of work that has me ensnared, it has been 2 weeks.  I’ve heard that time flies when you are having fun, not so much that it flies when the only thing between yourself and constant panic attacks is pretty little white pills, wine, chocolate and… my body weight in fruit during the day to combat all the wine/chocolate gremlins that sneak into my daily diet.

Currently I’m working… okay well I’m blogging about working, but then I’ll resume working and it will almost be like I never left.  I’m also listening to the movie bridesmaids.  I’d be watching it, but I have the attention span of a flea with ADD when I’m looking at a movie, so if I work with my back to it… far better rate of success.  Not only does this movie make me laugh out loud, it makes me hungry for cupcakes and it makes me feel pretty well-adjusted for my age.

Wedding planning has been at a stand still for a while.  The odd thing about working a gazillion hours is that there isn’t much time to do other things like fawn over magazines or talk to vendors.  You just keep hoping and praying that everything will eventually work out and that you will somehow get some sort of raise or win the lottery.  I had a photographer and ended up cancelling the contract, which cost me the deposit.  That was disappointing.  I have been in talks with a caterer and am waiting to see how much my wedding menu of awesomeness will cost us. 

I have all these awesome thoughts about all the ways my girlfriends and I can get together and celebrate our lives and make new memories… however I can’t seem to plan around all of our schedules.  Okay, so I can’t figure out my own schedule… so perhaps it seems like it is just far too much work to coordinate other people’s schedules as well.  I think my ideal date night (with the ladies or my man) includes wine (duh), cheese, honey, bread, chocolate… yup… that’s about it.  Not too much to ask, but to me it sounds perfect.

Jason and I have both been so terribly busy.  I don’t remember the last time both of us had the weekend off.  Even getting one of us to have the weekend off is something to be celebrated!  It would be wonderful if we could find a weekend away to sit and talk about fun wedding stuff!  Even though Jason might not be totally interested in every detail of the wedding, I know that he enjoys sitting around and plotting things with me.


Bridal party run-down

Maid of Honor: Alexandra Kremer {bride’s younger sister}

Best Man: Matt Feldman {friend of the groom}


Alexandra Kremer {Bride’s Sister}

My sister and I :)

My sister and I :)

Kelly Noel {Bride’s friend, they met playing soccer about 10 years ago}

Kelly and I right after I asked her to be my bridesmaid at Olive Garden.

Kelly and I right after I asked her to be my bridesmaid at Olive Garden.

Terrisa Mulder {Bride’s friend, they met at Cardinal Stritch University about 8 years ago}

Terrisa and I at my 32nd birthday party

Terrisa and I at my 32nd birthday party

Laura Reissman {Bride’s friend, they met at their current place of employment 2 years ago}

Laura and I at an impromptu brewer game date night courtesy of Dad's extra tickets (summer 2012).

Laura and I at an impromptu brewer game date night courtesy of Dad’s extra tickets (summer 2012).

Amy Fite-Widstrand {Bride’s friend, they also met at their current place of employment 2 years ago}

Amy and I at one of our themed dinner nights at her house.

Amy and I at one of our themed dinner nights at her house.

Sarah Schmidt {Couple’s friend, a close friend of the Groom’s for quite some time and a friend of the bride’s now also}

Sarah and I at my 32nd birthday party in the Dells.

Sarah and I at my 32nd birthday party in the Dells.


Jason Wright {Groom’s friend}

Jason and Jason at our Engagement Party at Hookers Resort.

Jason and Jason at our Engagement Party at Hookers Resort.

Troy Hornback {Groom’s friend}

Troy (furry head) and bridesmaid Sarah.

Troy (furry head) and bridesmaid Sarah.

Matt Feldman {Groom’s friend}

Matt and Jason planting a tree for a friend that passed away.

Matt and Jason planting a tree for a friend that passed away.

Eric (Ed) Kernan {Groom’s friend}

Jason, Ed and Jason - throw back photo due to lack of a more recent one.

Jason, Ed and Jason – throw back photo due to lack of a more recent one.

Jimmy Kilen {Groom’s friend}

Jimmy, Matt and Jason at the tree planting

Jimmy, Matt and Jason at the tree planting


Andy Widstrand {Groom & Bride’s friend}

Jason and Andy (and can thank me later for NOT making this a picture of him and the bear...)

Jason and Andy (and can thank me later for NOT making this a picture of him and the bear…)

Mike Zitski {Groom’s friend}

Mike, Andy and Jason at my 32nd birthday party in the Dells

Mike, Andy and Jason at my 32nd birthday party in the Dells