Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday:

My journey (so far).

The picture on the left, I was about 170 pounds and didn’t feel very comfortable or confident. I had never counted calories, nor did I have any idea really the nutritional value of anything I was eating (hello box of macaroni and cheese). I hadn’t “worked out” since I left high school sports behind me.

I tried weight watchers, lost 30 pounds being VERY strict with what I ate and not drinking at all. Three months later (yup… 3) and I had gained all 30 back. That was my first introduction to the need to create a healthy LIFE, not a successful short term diet.

I did well changing up my habits on my own for a while, then hit a point where a “healthy lifestyle” wasn’t a priority in my life anymore and I was drinking way too much, suffering from depression & anxiety, and struggling in secret with an eating disorder.

Thankfully I eventually acknowledged and owned my dilemma and re-aligned my priorities to put my health and myself first. I started to workout almost every day (Zumba, walking, jogging), amped up my nutrition and cut back on the amount of alcohol I was consuming regularly.

Then, a friend introduced me to ShaunT and “Beachbody”. I had never sweat so much… In. My. Life. I went from hour long workouts… To 25-30 minute workouts… With much better results.

I can honestly say that being a part of the beachbody community has been one of the more enjoyable lifestyle changes I’ve taken on in a while. The workouts are transforming my body (again) to a stronger one. The nutrition plans have me eating more clean/whole food than I did before. The focus on progress vs perfection… Is really just beautiful.

If you are ready to transform your lifestyle for the better… Why not try beachbody products, programs, or even coaching?!?! It could change your life… And the lives of those around you in such a great way.

Are you in?!

PS… There is a 40 lb difference and 9 years between the photos… However the biggest differences are on the inside and can’t be measured.image