Could you use some Red Hot Sizzle in your life?

I personally have been touched by this beautiful program.  It’s a program put together for women who want more.  I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up a year ago, however one year later… I can say what I got.

I found a gentler me.

I found a me that believes in magic and the beauty of ALL women.

I found a me that looks around at the potential in others and the greatness in togetherness.

I found a kinder me.  Kinder to myself first, which then spread to kindness to those all around me.

I found myself allowing more gentleness, passion and play into my every day.

I found it okay to be vulnerable and became a seeker of more intimate and deep friendships and circles.

I found that at the end of the day – all things above have always been me… just covered up by years of being who I thought I should be.  Playing a role to best fit in.  Playing small to not stand out too much.  Playing it a bit safe at times even.  I found myself, and I loved what I found.

So… if you are interested, read the call to action below.  Know that geography isn’t a limiting factor.  Ladies from all over the country, and sometimes internationally have joined in on this program and were able to take advantage of its benefits.

Check out this program by my mentor Regena Garrepy. Registration closes this week!

The Red Hot Visionista Sacred Circle is beginning. If you have been a Red Hot fence-sitter, Visonista side-liner, or sacred circle onlooker and you have thought about joining us someday, consider this your heart felt invitation. Right now is when I ask you to look beyond the thoughts of not enough time or  money, not enough got it together or perfect timing. Consider this moment your soul nudge, your universal SIGN, that there is still a spot left for YOU. Put your stake in the ground and say YES to the red hotness inside you. Because the world (your family, your community, your soul) doesn’t need you to step up someday. It needs you right now. Click here to learn more:



Choose wisely my friends…

I saw this picture today and was totally struck by the truth behind it!  You are the things you feed your mind, soul, and body. 

The exciting/scary thing behind this idea is that it is your choice!  Which means it is in your control. Which means you can elevate yourself to new heights (yay) or anchor yourself where you are (boo). 

So, if you’re feeling stuck or stagnant… make the conscious choice to feed your body, mind, and soul good vibes (tastes like Nutella). 

International Inspiration, growth, and sunburn. 

My first clue that I was heading back to real life was actually having to pay for my morning banana and water. After spending 5 days at an all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico where the water was handed out like candy at Halloween (as long as it was bottled, didn’t want to pull a Charlotte) and the food was abundant, it seemed natural to have a residual desire to just pick something up and walk away with it (a case of the sticky fingers). I left the resort feeling like royalty and I guess it takes a while to shake that off. Clearly the people at the Cancun airport aren’t aware of my recent royal status. I’m returning home with a couple additional tangible things. 

  • A healthy sunburn, despite my best Midwest attempts at multiple sunscreen applications. 
  • A pink and tan corona cowboy hat (this will make sense when I touch down in Wisconsin later where autumn is in full swing, but made total sense at the time of purchase poolside). 
  • A wooden carved turtle. Very delicate with intricate designs on the shell. I’m imaging that a local spent a good deal of time and poured love into making it. But for four American dollars, it could also be a oriental trading trinket as well. I will choose to believe the former. 

I also carry with me a few tokens and gifts from the other ladies of the retreat. Which, hands down are my most treasured additions. 

The other “stuff” I bring home is the intangible, the things only I can see and acknowledge… and thankfully don’t add weight to my luggage. The emotional, mental, spiritual, soul and waistline growth (again – all inclusive resort). The promise of hope and sensation of being about 17% more badass than when I landed here five days ago. 

There were a total of 18 in our little tribe at this retreat. Two fearless guides throughout the process and 16 other fearless women who eagerly and awesomely followed in every footstep… even if they couldn’t quite see where it would lead. 
The 16 of us grasshoppers came with open hearts, minds and sun sunscreen. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced, we crafted, we made promises to ourselves, we held hands, hugged, shared stories and sometimes shared silence. When all that was done, we shared dessert. 

If you are trying to visualize what this tribe of women might look like, go to Pinterest or Instagram and search for “tribe” or “friend goals”. Then, add more humans to that picture, vary the ages, races, economic means and body sizes. 

Once you have this group of women in your mind, strip them of their earlthy descriptions and just imagine 16 souls that decided to take the leap from stranger to soul sister. 16 souls that carved time out from their family, friends, hobbies and careers to invest in themselves and really dig into some deep shit. Imagine therapy without the couch, more magic, homework and then add chocolate. 

How did I even get into this beautiful cluster of growth?  One word: Cancun. I’d like to pretend my intentions were noble. That I signed up knowing that I had all this pent up possibility and purpose just waiting to be unleashed from my fingertips. But no. I saw pictures of super happy women, on the beach, having a wonderful time (and margaritas)… and I wanted in on that hot action. 

Imagine my surprise when I really started digging into the program and found out there would be work. Home work. Soul work. Tribe work. Booty work (jk… but there was dancing). I didn’t know I’d be holding the hands, secrets, fears and aspirations of these beautiful women throughout this process.. and then holding mine. Make no mistake, I definitely thought long and hard about it… then thought, “fuck it… what’s the worst that can happen?  I go to Cancun, meet some cool chicks, and maybe even become a better person???” I’ve signed up for worse things in the past. 

So… eight and a half months later with two retreats, many phone calls, and a few breakthrough and breakdowns in my rear view mirror, the question is… would I do it again?  Absofuckinglutely. I feel more spiritually flexible, I believe in a little more magic, and definitely have found a softness and kindness towards myself that I didn’t know before. This new kindness has allowed me to really feel that softness towards all the women in the world. Which has lead to more genuine interactions. More conversations rooted in integrity. A little less bull shit and a lot more fun. 

In summary – if you get the chance to do something that will make you feel wildly uncomfortable, question your core beliefs, and maybe go somewhere tropical with people who will be strangers when it all begins… 


And send me an invite. 

Peace out. 

Pinterest finds…

At first I didn’t really understand the pinterest craze, now I love it. It’s a great way to collect ideas, themes, inspiration…

Here are some of my recent finds from pinterest:

I think this table runner would look AMAZING at my barn wedding/reception!

This idea for a window treatment = ADORABLE.

I love wood signs of all colors, sizes and quotes… like this one.  However I haven’t bought any because I’m positive I could do it myself with the right amount of ambition and the appropriate sized letter templates..

Sometimes it helps me decide what I do NOT want for my wedding.  Tall table-scape designs like this one don’t do anything for me.  I like simple, small and a less-is-more approach (like this).

Love this adorable engagement photo!  Unique is key!

I LOVE this painting for a kitchen!  LOVE. IT.

I dig this little bar idea for our basement… it is my secret little dream to put a little bar area down there for the big kids :)

Warm fuzzies, on a cloudy day

Yesterday, was almost 90 degrees and sunny.

Today, is 50-some degrees and cloudy.

Yesterday my mood was cloudy. It was a day where I wasn’t open to seeing the good, light and sparkly things around me. I felt physically weighed down by the emotional strain of situations around me.

My coping capacity on a scale of 1 to 10 was about a (-3). I couldn’t put my finger on what was pulling at my soul strings so much. I just felt lost, frustrated and defeated.

I tried to communicate some of my frustrations to my parents. They responded as most people would, a little defensive and returned their frustrations. My usual emotionally balanced self would have brushed off those responses. However the Ingrid of yesterday internalized, analyzed and took every comment to heart. This, did not help my situation.

On the way home from work Mom called to clear the air. {We don’t like conflict/confrontation/arguments}. We cried, laughed, cried, laughed, sweat {because of the crying} and laughed. We found our way through our emotions. Turns out I’m not the only one in emotional upheaval.

I went home and relayed the day and its frustrations to my boys. Jason listened and wiped away my tears. Vince seemed to take in the whole situation and understood that sometimes parents are weird. Jason gave me a big hug and Vince flew in to join in the action. It pretty much made my day.

Did they understand why I was upset? No, not really. Did it matter? Not at all. Jason had gotten me a little package of swedish fish. I shared with them. There was some wine left in the fridge. I did not share that. Vince mowed the lawn, Jason grilled the pork chops and added baseshoe around the baseboards and I walked around talking and healing.

After 3 delicious oreos (I eat one side of the cookie, lick out the center and then the other side of the cookie… so it seems more like 6.7 cookies instead of 3) Jason headed off to hockey and Vince and I bonded on the couch over bright-colored Nike shoes and cartoons.

By the time I went to bed I felt like my soul had quieted, my nerves were soothed and my heart was mending. I still don’t know exactly what sent me into an emotional spiral similar to a wicked tornado, but I do know that it worked itself out.

Today, is 50-some degrees and cloudy. I wouldn’t say I have a pocket full of sunshine, but I would say that I’m appreciating the clouds today more than I appreciated the sun yesterday because I’m in a better place to appreciate anything today.

Life has ebbs and flows. Ups and downs. Sometimes you have to cry it out, drink it up {1 glass of red wine or kiddie cocktail is prescribed here} and lick the center of some oreos before the storm blows over. The storm WILL blow over. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. I was so much more appreciate of Jason, Vince, my commute, etc this morning.  All because I couldn’t find it in my heart to appreciate things yesterday.

Without the dark, we wouldn’t appreciate the light.

No matter where you are in your journey today… either appreciate the light, or wait out the dark. Nothing is constant, things change. Appreciate where you are.

Work at it!

I have just one moment to write this… so I’ll make it quick.

I have really come to the realization lately that everything worth having in life, is worth working for.

  • Good relationships
  • Successful careers
  • Rewarding hobbies
  • Lifelong friendships

Anything, and I mean anything that requires a little more effort, is worth that much more in the end. 

So many times in my life I have found myself the recipient of something cool and unexpected because I did something extra.  Worked later, had a hard conversation, went back to school, stayed up late to finish a blog, etc. 

So, today/tonight/tomorrow…. when you think doing that 1 little thing is just too much work, do it anyways.  You’ll be glad you did and so will someone else.  Whether you know it or not.