Poem – Note to myself 

During my retreat to Orlando this past weekend with some visionary and amazing ladies, I was asked to write a love note to myself. What felt right for me was a poem. Though I don’t normally write poetry, I’m quite infatuated with it and wanted to share, because when I was done it didn’t feel like it was just for me – but for anyone and everyone.


Dear one,

You have always been joyous and free

It is YOU, who were meant to be

Born a wild and wonderful child of the sea


Waves have rocked and shaped you

Stars have guided you

Winds have kept your navigation sure and true


Through mighty storms and disastrous droughts

You’ve always known what this world was about

Which is making sure your insides shine OUT


Giving to others the gifts that they need

To ensure, that though they might cut open and bleed

It was only the promise of hope, that was planted there as a seed


Love comes bursting from your heart

Your life is your art

Never doubt you were created perfect, right from the start




I got this today from a very dear friend, kind soul, and fellow dorkasaurus rex.  If only we would use our powers for good… we would rule the world.

Thank you.
For being there.
For helping me not be square.
You helped me realize,
That I can be more than I was.
And you help me out, just because.
Its random times,
Like right now,
That I see where we are and think, WOW!
Where would we be,
Without each other’s support and love?
I think someone was looking down on us from above,
You help me get out of my shell,
I didn’t even know that I was in.
When we first met, in my head I said “it begins”.
 It’s funny now to
Look back and see,
How much you really affect me.
I want you to know,
Your wit and humor, I really do admire.
And your heart it so big, for me it inspires.
I hope you pardon the cheese.
But you need to know how I appreciate you.
And I thought this poem would be a nice way to say, Thank You.